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We have combined in one app all restaurants and shops from all over the world, which are ready to grant you a personal discount based on your unique QR-code.
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Discover the best restaurants anywhere in the world
Get info about restaurants and cafes all over the world with a description and pictures using convenient search filters.
Objective and unbiased rating
Use our revenue-based rating of restaurants and cafes, which is 100% protected from manipulation.
Get deals and discounts from our partner restaurants all over the world, all – in one app. Our partner network is expanding every day.
Personal discount based on your unique QR-code
Show your unique QR-code to the waiter and get your personal discount at our partner restaurant or cafe.
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Discover new places, deals and discounts, using convenient search filters
Enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner or do your shopping with your personal discount using unique QR-code
Subscribe to your favorite restaurants, cafes & shops, and stay updated on their deals and discounts
Tickets to destinations all over the world from major airlines and railway companies.
Souvenirs, clothes and many other products. Discover the best deals and discounts through our free app.
Take a taxi with a discount from our local partner. Available in our free app.
Buy airline and train tickets with a discount from our partners
Receive unique discounts in shops
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Welcome2City makes your travel experience easier and more pleasant, giving you the benefit of a personal discount anywhere in the world. Welcome2City is your personal
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Find hotel deals for any season
Use our free app to book a room from budget hotels to luxury villas with a discount from our partner companies.
Discover the best tours & sightseeing places
Take the tours carefully selected by our partners or simply visit popular sightseeing places, all — in our free app.
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Enjoy our free app that will make your trip smarter and easier
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Restaurants, cafes and shops from all over the world – all in one app
Download Welcome2City app and get all of the benefits at your favorite places, traveling around the world or simply staying in your home city.
Your personal discount in restaurants, cafes and shops anywhere in the world
Your unique QR-code makes visiting restaurants, cafes and shops a more pleasant experience, both in your home city and all over the world.